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Face the Issues (2018)

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Hosted by Samuel Chen

Airs Tuesdays @ 8:30 pm / Fridays @ 8:30 pm / Saturdays @ 4:30 pm

Robust conversations about the issues of the day that affect our
region. From community to politics to healthcare and finances;
all these topics and more will be thoughtfully discussed and examined.

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Topic: Christmas Special: Traditions and History of Christmas

Guest: Michael P. Foley, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Patristics, Baylor University and Author of Drinking with Saint Nick

Air Dates: Dec 18 / 21 / 22

Topic: Local Government: Why Should You Care?

Guest: Nicholas Steiner; Township Manager, Moore Township (PA)

Air Dates: Dec 11 / 14 / 15

Topic: Hard Questions: Investigative Journalism, Part II

Guest: Amanda St. Hilaire, Investigative Journalist, FOX6 Milwaukee

Air Dates: Dec 4 / 7 / 8

Topic: Hard Questions: Investigative Journalism, Part I

Guest: Amanda St. Hilaire, Investigative Journalist, FOX6 Milwaukee

Air Dates: Nov 27 / 30 / Dec 1

Topic: Healthy You – Fitness 101

Guest: Kierra Varcos

Fitness Program Specialist, Lutheran Manor

Exercise Physiologist & Personal Trainer

Air Dates: Nov 20 / 23 / 24

Topic: School Safety – Protecting Our Children

Guest: Tim Pino

K-9 Unit Commander, Somerset County Sheriff’s Office (Ret.)

Air Dates: Nov 13 / 16 / 17

Topic: Election 2018 – The Future of Politics

Guest: John Cole

Managing Editor of PoliticsPA

Air Dates: Nov 6 / 9 / 10

Topic: #MeToo: Combatting Sexual Violence

Guest: Pearl Kim

Fmr. Senior Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania

Fmr. Chief of Human Trafficking Unit, Delaware County District Attorney’s Office

Air Dates: Oct 30 / Nov 2 / 3


Topic: Serving Our Communities

Guest: Daniel Adams

Founder and Director, Jerusalem House Ministries

Air Dates: Oct 23 / 26 / 27

Topic: Philanthropy, Generosity, and Community

Guest: Andrew Block

Director of Government Relations & Development, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network

Air Dates: Oct 16 / 19 / 20

Topic: Elections: A Preview

Guest: John Cole

Managing Editor of PoliticsPA

Air Dates: Oct 9 / 12 / 13

Topic: What You Need to Know Before Election Day

Guest: John Cole

Managing Editor of PoliticsPA

Air Dates: Oct 2 / 5 / 6

Topic: Questions of Identity, Purpose and Calling

Guest: Paul Reichert

Air Dates: Sept 25th / 28th / 29th

Topic: Remembering 9/11

Guests: Deborah Chen & Sam Thompson

Air Dates: Sept. 18th / 21st / 22nd

Topic: Hurricane Harvey, One Year Later

Guest: Matthew Marchetti 

Air Dates: Sept. 11th / 14th / 15th

Topic: Scandals and College Athletics

Guest: Gordon Voit

Air Dates: Sept. 4th / 7th / 8th

Topic: The Housing Market Part 2

Guest: Justin Brown

Air Dates: Aug 28th / 31st / Sept 1st

Topic: The Housing Market Part 1

Guest: Justin Brown

Air Dates: Aug 21st / 24th / 25th

Topic: Trade War Part 2

Guest: Hon. Gordon Denlinger

Air Dates: Aug 14th / 17th / 18th

Topic: Trade War Part 1

Guest: Hon. Gordon Denlinger

Air Dates: Aug 7th / 10th / 11th

Topic: Year of the Women- 2018 and Women in Politics

Guest: Kelly Dittmar, Ph.D.

Air Dates: July 31st / Aug 3rd / 4th

Topic: SCOTUS: Kennedy, Kavanaugh, and the Judiciary

Guest: Adam Carrington, Ph.D.

Air Dates: July 24th / 27th / 28th

Topic: America’s Future

Guest: Thomas S. Kidd, Ph.D.

Air Dates: Airs July 10th / 13th / 14th

Topic: America’s Founding

Guest: Thomas S. Kidd, Ph.D.

Air Dates: July 3rd / 6th / 7th

Topic: Medical Marijuana (Part 2)

Guest: Victor Guadagnino Jr.

& Dr. Victor Guadagnino

Air Dates: June 26th / 29th / 30th

Topic: Medical Marijuana (Part 1)

Guest: Victor Guadagnino Jr.

& Dr. Victor Guadagnino

Air Dates: June 19th / 22nd / 23rd

Topic: Face the Issues

Guest: Samantha Janeen

Air Dates:  June 12th / 15th / 16th

Topic: Farmland Preservation

Guest: Commissioner Ron Beitler

Air Dates:  June 5th / 8th / 9th

Topic: Faith in the Halls of Congress

Guest: Rob Fields

Air Dates: May 29th / June 1st / 2nd

Memorial Day Special

Guest: Jason A. Lane

Air Dates: May 22nd / 25th / 26th

Topic: Viewpoint Diversity on Campus

Guests: Leah Keller & Sam Thompson

Air Dates: May 8th / 11th / 12th

Topic: Social Media Privacy

Guest: Colin Surguine

Air Dates: April 24th / 27th / 28th

Topic: The Budget and Government Spending

Guest: Hon. Gordon Denlinger

Air Dates: April 17th / 20th / 21st

Topic: Financial Literacy

Guest: Gabriel Rendon

Air Dates: April 10th / 13th / 14th


Topic: Civility in Political Discourse

Guest: Jeff Coleman

Air Dates: Airs April 3rd / April 6th / April 7th


Topic: Politicization in America

Guest: Dr. Christopher Borick

Air Dates: March 27th / March 30th / March 31st