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60-Live Archive 2009

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Central Assembly of God

12-22-09: Pastor Cole & Amy McClenithan

Change Tomorrow Children’s Foundation

12-21-09: Brian Phillips

Child Evangelism Fellowship

12-18-09: Mark Wyland & Benjamin Triestman

Missions Fest

12-17-09: John Bush

Church of God by Faith

11-23-09: Deacon Brian Cole

Wheels for the World of Joni & Friends

11-20-09: Joan Barton & Tina Cilurso

Springfield Church of the Brethren

11-19-09: Pastor David Grimes

El Shaddai Assembly of God Church

11-18-09: Pastor Sean Hinton

Lehigh Valley Salvation Army

11-13-09: Major Roger Duperree & Major Carol Duperree

City Limits Assembly of God

11-12-09: Pastor Jim Rivera & Rev. Beverly Fekula

Family Worship Center

11-11-09: Pastor J.R. Damiani

Proclamation Presbyterian Church

10-19-09: Dr. Peter A. Lillback

Lehigh Valley Christian High school

10-16-09: Bob Brennan & Amanda Rapp

s: Care Net of the Lehigh Valley

10-15-09: Joan Sergi & Grace Ros

Agape New Testament Fellowship

10-14-09: Pastor David Farnholtz

Father’s Heart Church

8-17-09: Pastor Jack Nieves

Calvary Wesleyan Church

8-14-09: Pastor Dwight Mikesell

Benders Mennonite Church

8-13-09: Pastor Kenny Moore

Yokefellow Prison Ministry & Friendship Ministry

8-12-09: Wayne Benjamin & Mel Everson

Truth for Women

8-10-09: Jessie Seneca & Kim Checkeye

Grace Baptist Church

8-6-09: Pastor Robert & Elizabeth Bird

Corvettes for Kids

8-4-09: Robert Skinner, Sheldon Marks & Lori Rohrback

CR Ministries

5-26-09: Paul Humber

Haycock Camping Ministries

5-21-09: Chris Hendrickson & Josh Mooney

Rejoice Inc.

5-20-09: Sara Agerton

Around the World Media

5-15-09: Steven & Tracey Adams

Push The Rock

5-14-09: Jason Krute & Dustin Leatherman

Author of “Benard’s Vision: The Quest of a Kenyan Pastor”

5-13-09: Beth Ann Morgan

Living Hope Orthodox Presbyterian Church

4-24-09: Pastor Tim Young

Truth for Women

4-23-09: Kim Checkeye & Sharon Brobst

Wycliffe Associates

4-22-09: Don Skekel

Personal Freedom Outreach

4-20-09: Joan Cetnar

Pottstown New Life Assembly of God

4-17-09: Pastor Charles Cedeno & Peggy Cedeno

Teen Challenge Training Center

4-15-09: Rev. Joseph Batluck & Jeffery Smith

Agape New Testament Fellowship

4-14-09: Pastor David Farnholtz

Church of God by Faith

1-20-09: Evangelist Gloria Toliver & Deacon Richard Toliver

PA Pro-Life Federation

1-19-09: Heather Wilson & Michael Ciccocioppo

Church of God Love & Faith Ministries

1-16-09: Bishop William Surita & Dr. Miguel Alverez