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Taking the Initiative Archive 2009


Nurse-Family Partnership

Nancy Dy: Nurse Family Partnership Supervisor

Pam Beal: Nurse Home Visitor

12-22 & 12-26-2009

Phoebe Ministries

Marian Worthington: Geriatric Care Management

Coordinator for the Connecting Hearts Program of Phoebe Ministries

Dr. Allan Kramer-Moyer: Vice President of Pastoral Care Services for Phoebe Ministries

12-15 &12-28-2009

Deaf Outreach

Dr. Jeffrey Webber: Chair for the State Advisory

for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Peggy Johnson: United Methodist Bishop in Philadelphia

12-11 & 12-8-2009

Salvation Army

Major Roger Duperree: The Lehigh Valley coordinator

of the Salvation Army

Lindsay Kessler: a local volunteer and member of the

advisory board for the Salvation Army.

12-1 & 12-4-2009

County Executives

John Stoffa: Lehigh County Executive

Don Cunningham: Northampton County Executive

11-25 & 11-27-2009

Via of the Lehigh Valley

Megan Sefcik & Jolene Fetherman: community

coordinators for Via of the Lehigh Valley

11-17 & 11-20-2009

Homeless Children & Education

Russell Valentini: homeless education liaison/ advocate.

11-10 & 11-13-2009

Big Brothers & Big Sisters Program

Harry Irvin:  local volunteer for the Big Brothers Big

Sisters program

11-3 &11-6-2009

Lehigh County Conference of Churches

Rev. Dr. Christine Nelson: executive director of the

Lehigh County Conference of Churches

Deanne Malacsis: Pathways program

director for the Lehigh County Conference of Churches

10-13 & 10-16-2009

Homework Clubs

Carolina Hernandez: Director of Community Service at Lehigh University

Brittany Powers: Community Service Office Graduate

Assistant at Lehigh University.

10-6 & 10-9-2009

Suicide Prevention

Andrew Loicano & Beth Peters-Petrow: volunteers for local suicide prevention groups, and survivors of a loved one who

committed suicide.

9-29 & 10-2-2009

Families First

Frank Jones: Director of Families First

Linda Cesare: President of the board of directors of the Families First program.