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The Mark Daniels Show Archives


2-11-13 Lancaster Bible College: Dr. Peter Teague

2-4-13 Greater Faith Missionary Church, Philadelphia: Pastor T.R. Nicholson

1-31-13 Teen Challenge of Philadelphia: Rick Dodridge & Alyssa McGary

1-21-13 Philadelphia Mennonite High School: Dr. Barbra Moses & Nyelle Brooks

1-14-13 10,000 Villages: Michele Loeper

1-7-13 First Presbyterian Church & Presbyterian Senior Living: Dr. Jonathon Miller & Rev. Katie Sundermeier


12-10-12 The Network to The Kingdom: Jane Robelot

12-03-12 The Salvation Army: Major Robert Dixon

11-22-12 Summit Trust: Kevin C Brown & George P Brown

11-19-12 Humankind Water : TJ Foltz

11-15-12 City Team International: Kwinn Tucker & Anna Donahoe

10-3-12 Life Essential Study Bible: Dr. Gene Getz

10-2-12 The Capstone Legacy Foundation: Nancy Hansen & Dr. Alberta C. Wilson

10-1-12 The Amachi Program: Dr. Wilson Goode

9-5-12 Saints Prison Ministry: James Hall

9-4-12 Reaching Men is Priority One: Bill Freeman

9-3-12 Escaping the Cauldron: Kristine McGuire

8-12-12 The PA Family Institute: Michael Geer

8-11-12 Reaching Out to Every People Group: Dr. Dan Peters

8-10-12 Christian Values at Work: Mark Griffin

8-9-12 God’s Miraculous Grace and Healing: Pastor Bill

8-8-12 America’s Godly Heritage and Future: David Barton

8-7-12 Free Indeed Conference. & Auntie Anne’s Pretzels “Auntie” Anne Beiler

8-6-12 From the 2012 ICRS

7-18-12 Dan Allen

7-17-12 PALCS: Dr. Jim Hanak

7-16-12 ALS Association: Jim Pinciotti

6-26-12 PA Pastors Network: Sam Rohrer

6-25-12 Food For the Poor: Paul Jacobs

6-21-12 Spirit Rising: Jim Cymbala

6-20-12 Loving as Jesus Loved: Philip Ryken

6-19-12 Calvary Baptist Seminary: Sam Harbin

6-18-12 Dads Surviving Cancer: Wendell Scanterbury

6-11-12 Access Services: Whitney Smith & Shari VanderGast

6-6-12 Writing for Young Christian Adults: Melody Carlson

6-5-12 R.C. Sproul Live: R.C. Sproul

6-4-12 The Coming Hormonal Apocalypse: Anita Renfroe

5-29-12 Global Media Outreach: Michelle Diedrich

5-28-12 The Sandy Cove Story: Mark P. Fischer

5-15-12 Answers in Genesis: Ken Ham

5-14-12 The Providence Forum: Dr. Peter Lillback

5-10-12 Reaching The Families of India: Sanjay Dalavai

5-9-12 Technology & The Word of God: Scott Lindsey

5-8-12 The Story of Creation Festical P2: Harry Thomas

5-7-12 The Story of Creation Festival P1: Harry Thomas

5-3-12 Making Smart Entertainment Choices: Ted Baehr

5-2-12 Why Jesus?: Ravi Zacharias

5-1-12 The Shady Maple Story: Elwood Martin

4-30-12 TNT Youth Ministry: Mike Wenger & Ryan Sensenig

4-23-12 Your Health Solution: Chris Conway

4-12-12 Rock Solid Volunteers: Larry Fowler

4-11-12 How to Keep the “Good” in Your Boy: Dannah Gresh

4-10-12 Hope Beyond Suicide: Pastor J. Bruce Sofia

4-9-12 Advances in Creation Science: Rev. Rick Faison

4-5-12 Feasts of the Bible: Dr. Sam Nadler

4-4-12 Why Men Hate Going to Church: David Murrow

4-3-12 Humankind Water: TJ Foltz

4-2-12 City Team International: Jerry Trousdale & Macaira Koch

3-28-12 Rock Ministries, Philadelphia: Buddy Osborn

3-27-12 It Could Happen Tomorrow: Gary Frazier

3-26-12 When Heaven & Earth Met P5

3-22-12 The Bible League: Scott Thunder

3-21-12 PA Pro-Life Federation: Michael Ciccocioppo

3-20-12 DOMA in PA: Randy Wenger

3-19-12 The Christian Academy: Dr. Timothy Sierer

3-14-12 180 The Movie: Ray Comfort

3-13-12 When Heaven & Earth Met P4

3-12-12 The Emotionally Destructive Relationship: Leslie Vernick

3-9-12 Three Free Sins: Steve Brown

3-8-12 10 Answers for Skeptics: Alex McFarland

3-6-12 Christian Higher Education: Todd Williams

3-5-12 Bible Archaeology: Henry Smith

3-2-12 When Heaven & Earth Met P3

3-1-12 Missional Ministry: David Dunbar

2-28-12 Jessi’s Story: Karen Hess

2-27-12 Our Relationship with Israel: Bill Sutter

2-24-12 When Heaven & Earth Met P2

2-23-12 Facing Life’s Challenges: Dr. Karl Benzio

2-21-12 Serving Pastors & Leaders: Dave Wiedis

2-20-12 Why Christians Must Vote: Gwenne Alexander

2-17-12 John Nelson & Robert Stiefler:  Chick-Fil-A Cares

2-16-12 Gordon Douglas & Ryan Bomgardner: Life… & Laughter

2-14-12 Rev. Jack Crans: The Heart Cry of Criminal Justice

2-13-12 Topic: When Heaven & Earth Met

2-9-12 JR Damiani: History of Gospel Music in PA

2-7-12 Herb Lusk & Jim Maxim: Racial Unity in the Church

2-6-12 Dr. Michael Barry: The Forgiveness Project